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University of Cambridge

Address: United Kingdom | England | Cambridge
Foundation year: 1209
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The University of Cambridge is a collegiate public research university in Cambridge, England. Founded in 1209, Cambridge is rich in history. Cambridge is the second-oldest university in the English-speaking countries and the third-oldest surviving university worldwide. It grew out of an association formed by scholars leaving the University of Oxford after a dispute with townsfolk; the two "ancient universities" have many common features and are often jointly referred to as "Oxbridge". The university consists of 31 self-governing colleges.Cambridge is at the international forefront of excellence in teaching and research. The academic year is divided into three academic terms, determined by the Statutes of the University. Michaelmas term lasts from October to December; Lent term from January to March; and Easter term from April to June. Although these terms are shorter than many other British Universities, students are expected to do much preparation work during the holidays. Students' learning takes the form of lectures, laboratory sessions and supervision.

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